Our Nursery

Within the nursery we have dedicated rooms for our different age categories. These rooms are focused on providing the best learning environment for your child’s development stage and this helps them to learn and play at a level that is appropriate for their age.

Our outdoor learning environment has always been a key part of our children’s learning. As parents we all know the benefits for children when it comes to playing outside. Our children go out to play in all weathers as there is always a new learning experience to be explored. We believe that our garden is an extension of our indoor area and our activities are as carefully planned and diverse as our indoor activities.  Your child is still learning and exploring but on a much bigger scale.

As our nursery is a beautiful house, we have one garden space which is large enough for children of all ages to enjoy. All our children benefit from outdoor play and we stagger playtimes to ensure that your child can safely explore the environment in a way that suits their development.

Our practitioners will guide your child through interactions, supporting their exploratory and imaginative play development. Our educators are fantastic at understanding when children are ready to engage in play outdoors and when they just need to have a good run around and burn some energy.


New Moon Room (0-2 Years)

Half Moon Room (2-3 Years)

Full Moon Room (3-5 years)

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